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Responder 4AA Headlamp Modification

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Headlamp Modification
This is a modification to a Responder 4AA headlamp. I removed the stock reflector/bulb assembly and replaced it with a 1watt luxeon star led, aluminum heatsinks, and 30mm optic

All the parts used to complete the modification
Drop in module nearing completion
Completed Headlamp Modification
The 30mm optic fits in very nicely.
Original beam at 5 feet
Modified beam at 5 feet
Nice center hot spot with very even side spill.
Original beam at 50 feet
Modified beam at 50 feet
Notice that the hot spot isn't as bright as the original, but the total area illuminated with the optic is significant. Notice that you can even see the back corner of my house. The picture doesn't do the illumination justice.

I am very pleased with the 30mm optic and the beam it produces. It has good throw and also acts as an area flood at the same time. I will need to run this for extended times to check the heat buildup. One potential problem with this mod is that plastic can act as an insulator and not allow for proper heat dissipation. I am ready for a night hike in the woods to really test the functionality of this headlamp.